New 6 Week Series

Foundations of Yoga Asana

During this 6-week series, we will learn one principle per week and use them to transform our experience using the most common yoga poses. In week 5, we will learn how to apply the principles into Vinyasa and Ashtanga flow classes. The 6th week we will apply the principles to an entire Hatha Yoga class where postures will be held for 5 to 7 breaths for a deeper experience of each pose.  

Week 1: Principles 1 & 2- Opening to Something Greater While Setting a Foundation

Week 2: Principle 3- Inner Energy / Outer Energy

Week 3: Principle 4- Inner and Outer Rotation of the Legs

Week 4: Principle 5- Inner and Outer Rotation of the Arms

Week 5: Sun Salutations and Flowing

Week 6: Put All Poses Together and Review

Barry Sowder has over 15 years experience teaching foundational principles of yoga at Lake Center Yoga in Longwood, Florida and 750 plus hours of training. He took extensive teacher training directly from Anusara Yoga founder John Friend as well as other leading Anusara-certified teachers including Sri Ekan and Doug Keller. He specializes in teaching the foundational principles of yoga including alignment. He also loves working with students at the beginning and reviewing levels as well as those with physical challenges of any kind such as injuries and bodily weakness or stiffness. He also practices Yin Yoga to see how he can bring some of its benefits to his teaching. Barry was licensed as an Avatar Master in 2006 which has had a profound influence on his spiritual approach in yoga and his life.

Barry has recently moved to Dickson and is currently a student at Yoga of Dickson. He is eager to share his teachings to the YOD community and looks forward to joining the team. Some of you have attended classes with him already:).