Coming August 2018

Yin Yoga Series

Yin yoga is a journey within. It is often said that restorative yoga is the doorway to meditation, but I feel the same can be said for Yin yoga. Varying from other forms of asana, Yin yoga blends Hatha yoga with traditional Chinese medicine to activate meridian lines within the body and to move stagnant energy. In this 4 week Yin yoga series, poses will be held anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes each. This practice goes beyond muscular stretching; Yin yoga exercises our cartilage and connective tissues, strengthens our bones and ligaments, and passively lengthens our fascia while also increasing our flexibility and range of motion. Beginners welcome! There are many modifications for each pose (including restorative options) so you can still get the benefit of an asana practice and dip your toe into the waters of Yin Yoga.

Lead by: Barbara Pearlin RYT

Cost for series: $60

Sunday, August 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th @ 6-7:15PM

Pre-registration required. Auto-pay members enjoy as part of your membership. If you have a class card, you may use as long as it is not expired. If expired, you may pay a $25 activation fee to renew.